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All facial treatments are customized for your skin needs. During your facial, the products used are specifically for your individual skin needs. You can Relax, Revitalize, and Renew in a professional setting and let us pamper you with unequalled personal attention. With respect for nature, we use the most natural products.

2. BODY             
Body Scrub (With Or Without Body Mask)

A gentle and relaxing way to remove old dead skin from your body. This treatment will rejuvinate your skin and leaves it fresh which is followed by a rub with moisturizer Invigorate your skin for a radiant glow with the luscious, favorite antioxidant fruit your skin will be supremely pampered and your spirit indulged while you take a relaxing journey to complete stress relief. This exclusive treatment begins with an exfoliating scrub to stimulate blood flow. Your treatment will include our special rain-therapy shower to help wash away your stress. A moisturizing application of rich, luxurious P Body Cream is smoothed all over your body leaving your skin fresh, fragrant and silky.

Moroccan bath:
Your treatment starts off with a steam to soften the skin before your Black Moroccan soap exfoliation. Central to the Hammam tradition, this is an incredibly efficient ritual of purification which helps clean, whiten and soften the skin. The motion of the soap application also helps blood circulation and releases pain from the body, alleviating the stress of the working week follow by the whole body scrub and whole body mask. Traditionally, Moroccan Baths are taken once a month to maintain that refreshed and energetic feeling.

Relaxing massage:

A relaxing massage can do wonders for you as it is known to provide therapy for physical and mental stress. Basically, a good relaxing massage will be able to relieve you of stress and it will also promote healing on the body’s muscles.  A massage is relaxing and can put your mind at a meditative state. This means that you will be able to completely relax and get rid of the stress you feel because your mind will also be relaxed. Besides, if you are thinking about stressful things, you tend to lose concentration and it can even deprive you of a good night’s rest. Physically, you will see that a massage will have a lot of benefits. Overused muscles tend to get tight. Massages will be able to promote the fast natural healing process of the muscles as it will be able to loosen up the tight muscles, get it to relax, get rid of lactic acid build up, and also promote blood circulation. With improved blood circulation, it will be able to get all the necessary nutrients that the muscles need in order to heal.

Hotstone Massage:
Basically, a hot stone massage therapy has numerous benefits to your health as well as your body. In this type of massage therapy, heated massage rock will be used mixed as well with a Swedish massage. This is known to heal and relax the entire body and a lot of people avail of this kind of therapy because of the therapeutic effects it gives. It is known that this type of massage therapy doesn’t only relax the body, but most people claims that it can even help in healing aches and pains of the body. So, here are some of the beneficial effects of the hot stone massage therapy other than letting the body relax. The first is that it will help put the mind in a meditative state, which is good for people who are experiencing insomnia and stress. Another great benefit of this type of massage therapy is that it is able to release tension on muscles. So, if you have weak, tight, stressed and tired muscles, this massage therapy is perfect for you. It will even help stimulate blood circulation which means that it will promote the fast healing process of tired and torn muscles.
The natural soothing effect of this particular therapy is another great benefit. It will be able to relax the mind and also help in treating depression. So, if you are ever feeling depressed or stressed out, hot stone massage therapy is definitely for you. Soothing pain is a known effect of this type of massage therapy. If you have back pains or arthritis, you will see that this will be able to help alleviate the pain you feel and even help in decreasing the frequency of arthritis attacks. If you are the type of person who is constantly stressed because of a hectic lifestyle, then you may want to take some time off. Try to go to a spa and obtain the services of a certified massage therapist and ask for hot stone massage therapy. After this, it is guaranteed that you will feel refreshed and ready for work the next day.

Reflexology is an accepted form of massage of the reflexes of the feet, hands and sometimes, the ears.  This practice addresses general and specific body health with small hand and thumb movements and some use of acupressure techniques by the therapist/reflexologies. The body contains ten "energy zones".  (More below in History)  Specific areas on the feet and hands are thought to relate to specific organs, glands and other parts of the body in each corresponding zone.  Manipulation of these areas is with the goal of creating a beneficial effect on the related body part.


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